About us

About Us

John Lund and his only son, Connor, had dreamed about starting a business together ever since Connor could talk. John built many successful businesses, one of them being a hospitality industry supply company that provides cookware, uniforms, restaurant goods, and promotional items to companies like PF Chang’s Incorporated, The Cheesecake Factory, Noodles & Company, Delta, The Home Depot, and various healthcare providers. Connor began his career in business assisting a friend start a used car dealership in Provo, Utah. John saw the success Connor had in building a business, and invited Connor to come work in the family business, a lifelong dream for the both of them.

John needed a new front door for his home, and began searching Utah for an iron entry door at a reasonable price. He found that they were very expensive, and the selection was slim. He pondered his options, and realized that the solution was right under his nose. Him and Connor combined their expertise in sourcing and supply chains to find the perfect supplier, and John had a beautiful entry door on his home before he knew it.

The thought occurred to him that others may have experienced the same difficulty in finding an iron entry door supplier with reasonable prices and a good selection. John and Connor saw an opportunity to provide a great product and a great price, and Ripaga was born. Ripaga is an Italian word meaning, “to repay”, we believe that our doors pay for themselves not only in equity added to your home, but in the beauty and security aspects that truly are priceless. We’re happy that you’ve come across our site, and we hope that we will be working closely with you in the near future to create your dream door.